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02/21/2009 13:19

I'm lookin' for "The Office" (TV Show) wallpaper for NXE. Thanks in advance.

02/21/2009 14:28


02/21/2009 18:16

Would be nice if you could do a wallpaper for Saber from Fate/Stay Night. Thanks

02/22/2009 05:54

Thanks for requesting guys!

All three of these now have a wallpaper - Spiderman and The Office can be found in 'Film/TV Wallpapers', and Fate/Stay Night obviously in 'Anime Wallpapers'.

Hope these help! :)

02/22/2009 10:34

Could you do one for F.E.A.R / F.E.A.R 2.Please?

02/22/2009 19:29

I would love a NY Yankees theme!

02/23/2009 09:55

Ste, there is now a F.E.A.R and two F.E.A.R. 2 wallpapers up!

02/23/2009 15:34

Any Chance of a Halo Wars theme please?

02/23/2009 18:15

A Burnout Paradise theme would be cool

02/25/2009 10:59

There are now:
1. A Yankees wallpaper up (I had a go!)
2. 3 Halo Wars wallpapers up
3. 2 Burnout Paradise wallpapers up


02/26/2009 21:36

Woohoo! Thanks for the Yankees!

02/26/2009 21:49

Rock Band 2 plz?

02/26/2009 21:54

Just thought of another one...

a Breaking Benjamin one and a Trapt one (they are bands btw)

03/01/2009 08:01

Prison Break plz

03/01/2009 09:28

Can you please post a Ninja Blade, Silent Hill Homecoming or F.E.A.R 2 wallpaper, oh and thankies for the Halo Wars one's there great!

03/03/2009 02:18

You got a great site here.
I would love to see some Cthulhu wallpapers. I do use one myself, but I checked the size of the picture, and it doesn't meet your requirements for HD.

03/04/2009 06:59

great website with great wallpapers, just a quick note the mirror's edge 06 wallpaper link is dead :)

x K ii 3 R 3 IN
03/05/2009 12:31

A Jessica Chobot licking the PSP please
Link: http://www.ripten.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/chobot-licks-psp.jpg

03/06/2009 11:36

Man, there are quite a few requests I have, it's not even funny.

For starters, do you think you can get some Rurouni Kenshin? One of the greatest animes ever, and it's a shame the site doesn't have anything from it.

03/11/2009 13:30

ALryt great job with all teh wallapaers but could you upload some assassins creed ones plz =]

03/11/2009 23:07

i would so love a Sephiroth theme

03/12/2009 08:42

Great site

How about a Oblivion wall paper or San Andreas one.

Keep up the good work!

03/17/2009 05:47

Daft Punk.

Keep up the good work.

Zacky Gates
03/17/2009 11:51

resident evil 5 would be nice :)

britsh sniper1
03/17/2009 12:35

gay porn im gay

xI Eljay Ix
03/17/2009 13:48

Great job so far :)

Any chance of Bumblebee from Transformers please, thatks!

03/21/2009 11:58

Thanks for all the requests guys, keep 'em coming!

Have got a bit behind on them - there's loads of finished ones ready to be uploaded still!

Let's see... Rock Band 2, Ninja Blade, Silent Hill, and Bumblebee are done and up!

Still to do:
Breaking Benjamin, Trapt, Prison Break, Cthulu, Jesicca Chobot, Rurouni Kenshin, Assassin's Creed, Sephiroth, Oblivion, San Andreas, Daft Punk, Resi 5.
Don't worry, I've taken note!

And the gay porn is not happening by the way! :)

03/21/2009 14:59

Any chance of some 'Heroes' ones, or 'Marvel' themes and i know it's old but what about 'Dead Rising'?

03/22/2009 02:46

Great Wallpapers

If possible I'd love to see wallpapers for CastleVania (SOTN, or Curse of Darkness), or something retro (like a whole buncha NES/SNES Characters)

03/30/2009 15:23

Would love to see a Doctor Who wall for my 360.



04/02/2009 08:48

Dexter Morgan from ShowTime Wallpaper Please
Nice Site and Its Free
Epic Win!!!

04/03/2009 03:54

Alryt would you be able to do a MetroStation theme??

Fleet Foxes
04/05/2009 05:52

I'm looking for a Bioshock theme where most of it wont get cut out, and a Gears of War 1 Seriously theme, thanks.

Jodis Welch
04/05/2009 14:22

It would be epic if you came up with a Ghostbusters background featuring the team.

Looking forward to being like a 7 year old again when the game comes out in June! :-D

Danny M
04/17/2009 07:47

is there any chance you can do me an Everton Fc one thanks

04/19/2009 12:42

PLease could you make a Wolverhampton Wanderers Theme =]

04/22/2009 04:25

Everton FC and Wolverhampton Wanderers wallpapers are now up on the site, along with some new Bioshock ones. Thanks LordDiablo for those!

04/22/2009 05:46

Hi I Am Looking For A Gorillaz Backround

04/22/2009 05:49

Hi Again Am Also Looking For An Eminem Backround
And A Supernatural (tv series) One Also

04/22/2009 15:42

I'm looking for Banjo-Kazooie or Banjo-Tooie wallpapers. (They're arcade games)

04/23/2009 16:27

hey would it be possible to get one of the Chrysler ME four-twelve concept car?

I Leath3rFace
04/24/2009 11:12

Hey Dave I was wondering if you could do something with this http://datacore.sciflicks.com/the_terminator/images/the_terminator_large_08.jpg

My brother has just made a new gamertag and he is crazy on Terminator lol.

Thanks buddy.

04/26/2009 09:24

Could you try doing some wallpapers that work well with the whole cutting-off-half-the-picture thing? like a picture where all the "action" is in the top right-hand corner?

chicken sandwich
04/27/2009 12:49

I'd like more anime wallpapers. Some of the ones up there are great, but there's just not enough!

@ joemack13, isn't that the point of this site? I put a bunch of these wallpapers on my XBox360 and havent found one that didn't work on the NXE yet!

04/27/2009 14:37

hey can u make a grim reaper theme plz..........ive been tryin 2 find one but ive ben havin no luck

04/28/2009 23:24

yo can you please uplaod some haste the day there my favorite band il appreciate it so much my gamer tag is OZZYDGK777 thanksz

Life And Death
04/30/2009 22:02

Love the work yal do--How about few mor Dark Knight walls, also Mortal Komabt would be cool as hell to. Thank's again for all your work keep it up.

05/01/2009 11:59

Hi I Am Looking For A Tupac Wallpaper :]

05/03/2009 02:28

Can you please make a wallpaper out of these images?I would really appreciate it.

05/05/2009 14:58

Umm i cant believe that no one has suggested this before, but can i have some Olivia Munn? Like sexy sexy Olivia Munn

05/08/2009 19:03

here my game tag mx15gamer here the games
assassins creed
the club
and some football team thank i like the web site dont stop no homo

05/10/2009 19:53

Sacramento Kings paper

Call of duty world at war

05/16/2009 03:37

im looking for any metal gear solid themes

05/19/2009 19:00

Awesome job with the requests, guys!! Can't wait to see that Cthulhu wp. As for me, I'd love to see DC comics related walls other than TDK, either some Justice League or Wonder Woman? Thanks in advance, and outstanding job on the site.

05/21/2009 13:52

Hey can you guys make a One Tree Hill wallpaper for me?

05/23/2009 05:43

hi my gamertag is oi left4dead io and o was wondering if you can upload hitman blood money themes, msg me when uploaded thanks

05/24/2009 11:38

Team Fortress 2 maybe

05/26/2009 08:02

Could I have one of Elton John and George Michael please?

Msg me on xbox

05/26/2009 19:50

could someone make some "arrested development" (tv show) wallpaper and some star wars (the original ones) please.


05/28/2009 06:10

Star Wars episode III where you see a nice headshot of grievous, seeing his eyes and bone mask in HD!!!! would be wicked and ofcourse some naruto ones :p

05/29/2009 21:23

Left 4 dead wallpapers please !

05/31/2009 12:26

How about some Call of Duty World at War wallpapers

06/04/2009 14:53

Can you make a NXE wallpaper of this image?


Thank you.

06/12/2009 08:08

Hi guys, any chance of maybe a Prototype, Ghostbusters, Bionic Commando, Sacred 2 or Batman Arkham Asylum theme? Thankies.

Vampire Azrial

06/12/2009 17:54

Hey, I was wonderin if I could talk you into making a Hayden Panettiere wallpaper for a friend and myself. Here's two different pics. Dont know how well you'll be able to use the second one though.

Pic 1: http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r90/InzaneKlown8666/hayden-panettiere.jpg

Pic 2: http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r90/InzaneKlown8666/hayden-panettiere-1152x864-27800.jpg

Thanks ahead of time. My GT is DCManiac6sic6

06/17/2009 12:46

I wouldn't mind a House M.D one...a Audioslave one, a Queens of The Stone Age one and/or a Dundee Utd one if possible...

Gamertag is shandy4life

Thanks in advance

GT: Alpha Fezz
06/23/2009 11:28

Guitar Hero: Metallica please!

06/24/2009 11:59

im lookin for cd covers dedication III NXE wallpaper

07/01/2009 14:01

The more girls the better, with Transformers 2 out lets see some hot Megan Fox and/or Isabel Lucas going here.

GT : limination
07/02/2009 17:59

I'd love to have a Viking : Battle For Asgard theme. It'd be much appriciated!


^ That's my favorite. But I'd deal with just the box art if you can't use the previous image.



07/04/2009 07:29

I'm looking for U.S. Navy themes.

07/07/2009 14:39

Looking for a Bury FC Wallpaper :D

07/07/2009 15:55

warhammer 40k!!!!!

07/09/2009 15:19

Wondering if you guys could do this Megan Fox theme for the NXE.
Thanks alot

07/10/2009 07:30

Red Faction Guerilla NXE theme please =0

Epic Henchman
07/10/2009 08:06

what about a guild wars one? the guildwars site has lots of wallpapers that could easyly be themes

07/10/2009 19:57

Dude, love the site. any way we could get more comic book wallpapers on here specifically DEADPOOL, IRONMAN, FLASH, etc. Thanks in advance. johnaldrocks

07/15/2009 20:58

Dude, your current wallpapers are alread awesome, but i would appreciate it if you could do Yuna out of Final Fantasy X or X-2 and perhaps a Naruto/Bleach/FMA I dont mind :)

07/26/2009 08:19

I think it's pretty cool to have one of my favourite game ever: Paper MarioL The Thousand Year Door.

GT: Gariom

07/26/2009 20:59

OBLIVION For the 360

And possibly Some Ninja gaiden

07/27/2009 23:32

Hi can you please make some UFC wallpapers please

07/27/2009 23:34

Hi can you please make some UFC wall papers please thanks

07/29/2009 16:48

Hey, any chance of more Women/Babe wallpapers? Thanks!

Keep up the good work guys!

08/05/2009 12:34

Hey at this point I'd love to see any of the past requests fulfilled starting when the requests began getting put aside. I'm sure it's a pain and there's probably a good reason but there've been some great ones over the past 3 months.

08/06/2009 02:23

Hi anything to do with riddick games or film, Thanks

Lord Diablo 006
08/07/2009 17:59

Me and wagly have been trying to do most of the request, but the main reason why a request doesn't get done is not because we're lazy or because we dont want to....its because there is not a good quality image for the request...its really hard finding large good quality images to make the wallpapers

08/10/2009 07:52

Thanks for all the latest wallpapers guys, keep up the good work.

08/11/2009 12:17

A Half-Life theme would be great. Havent looked at all the request so maybe someone suggested this already and there are no good images...

08/14/2009 08:55

I would like a Final Fantasy 7 crisis core wallpaper with Zack Fair in it.


keep up the good work

My gamertag is puttycat1

08/16/2009 10:39

I think your gallery needs Portal-wallpapers. Prefferably in the Companion Cube or Cake is a lie-fashion.

Oh, also more CoD4/MW2 walls.

Thank you, and keep it up!


Nokturnal Glow
08/16/2009 14:39


Sean Olding
08/17/2009 06:50

Doctor Who!

I know some people think it's sad, but I love it!

Doctor Who!

08/19/2009 11:39

Id like to see some modern warfare 2 wallpapers. check this site out: http://www.modernwarfare247.com/popular-media/wallpapers

08/28/2009 16:30

Ice-t's wife
CoCo-Nicole Austin
nxe widescreen

08/29/2009 19:15

INITIAL D!!!!...
please :)

09/03/2009 03:09

I would love a Linkin Park wallpaper, please! thanks.

09/06/2009 05:06

Any chance you could do a few Liverpool FC ones, staduim ones or player ones?

09/06/2009 08:35

can you do a jesus one or toby mac

TheConjurer 3TL
09/08/2009 12:53

hello there! im an amature magician and would really like a wall paper of the magical variety, if some one could work thier magic.... sorry, but preferably not a pic of paul daniels lol

09/18/2009 03:45

Hey, great idea this wallpaper site.
Could you fix up some sweet anime wallpaper from Bleach ( Yoruichi if possible :P ) or Naruto girls ?

Would be awesome

09/18/2009 03:50

I uploaded a anime wallpaper HD for Ichigo from Bleach ( Great series )

And would like to request some wallpaper from Yasmine Bleeth too :)

She's still my nr.1 all time favourite

Nokturnal Glow
09/18/2009 09:46

Where is the Michael Jackson
NokturnalGlow - gt

09/21/2009 22:21

I'd like a really bad ass Modern Warfare 2 wallpaper if possible. Either brown, or Green, combined with white and black!

09/22/2009 21:54

Spice and wolf




and what about asian girls


x lil psycho x
10/11/2009 15:03

hey, done suppose you could do a few metallica ones? i love them so much and the marketplace dont have any :S Cheers (Y)

10/12/2009 05:51

liverpool football club. please.

10/17/2009 14:06

hey i would like to see a wallpaper of alice and the mad hatter sat at the table from american mcgee's alice http://wallpaper-s.org/18__American_McGee%27s_Alice.htm though not sure if pics big enuff my xbox gamer tag is ma1milo

10/18/2009 07:36

I'm looking for a Forza Motorsport 3 wallpaper :)

10/20/2009 14:06

I am looking for a Brutal Legend Theme!

10/21/2009 14:53

I want the Fleury wallpaper by "CanadianBaconX3", but just without the "Penguins" text in the top left corner.

10/31/2009 20:53

i dont know why im not already seeing it up, but i would really like some MEGAN FOX nxe wallpapers, and im sure im not the only one.

11/01/2009 12:19

Im after some Manchester United paper m8 something with the clubs badge :)

11/04/2009 14:34

hay AWESOME site but um id like maybe some more sexy half naked girls or completely naked 1s and matrix theme or eminem 1 thanks

11/07/2009 18:12

Do Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny Cassandra next!^_^

11/07/2009 18:55

Sorry. Let's try this again.

Do Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny Cassandra next!^_^

11/09/2009 09:32

wuzup Wagly i do photoshop myself... thanks for the site im excited to go home and make some exciting backgrounds!

11/10/2009 21:10

im looking for real good HD Wallpapers
ih use 1080p FUll HD The Resolution is 1920x1080 ih had a id off a skeleton with a bit skin hnging out of him crawling out of a swamp here is a pic that i like but the black bars are retarted [IMG]http://www.wallpapersforall.com/hd_wallpaper/skeletonld2.jpg[IMG]]

11/11/2009 05:11

Hey guys, really liking your website.

Do you mind doing a couple of NXE wallpapers for Modern Warfare 2 and Cowboy Bebop please? High definition as well

11/19/2009 00:36

Anything with Yoshi from the nintendo games...

11/21/2009 10:05

hi i love Ghostrecon Not All tom clancys just Ghostrecon advancedwarfighter tnx

Rated R Profile
11/22/2009 11:58

Can you please make me a WWE maria kanellis theme because she is my favourite girl in the WWE thanks :)!!!

11/24/2009 17:39


I would love to see an NXE theme using this image of the Beatles:


It's really high-res so it should be easy to work with!

My gamer tag is: I Colino I

Thanks in advance!

11/25/2009 12:46

More Metallica Pleasee :)
And You Gett Me Some Of The Monster Energy Drink :)
Thanks In Advance

11/28/2009 06:18

How About A New England Patriots Logo Theme?

11/29/2009 00:50

LOVED the SOTN wallpaper
thanks much

New request
Lynx (Yamaneco) from Chrono Cross

Gotta love older games

12/03/2009 03:10

Think you could make any Miranda Kerr wallpapers?
And more women wallpapers please.

Thanks in advance.

12/08/2009 10:54

Hi fella, some nicelooking stuff im impressed. Any chance of some Queens Of The Stone Age of Them Crooked Vultures backgrounds?


12/16/2009 13:41

I'm looking for fullscreen Bayonetta WP
thanks dudes

12/18/2009 11:17

I would really like to see more Scarlett Johansson Wallpapers.

01/02/2010 20:37

Can you please make a MotoGP wallpaper for NXE. Search photos of Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi, Thanks

01/03/2010 09:17

I no this is for wallpapers although do you do Sigs?or could you put me onto a link?
I was wanting a Gears sig with my GT Kings 0f Chaos somewhere in it.
The Gears wallpapers are great by the way.
All the best for 2010 keep up the good work.

01/04/2010 17:56

Would be awesome if you could make some Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena/Butcher Bay wallpapers for NXE. Also a good idea for a Modern Warfare 2 NXE wallpaper of Ghost's character.

Some really awesome wallpapers on here though gunna be hard to pick one. Keep up the good work

01/23/2010 19:48

Could you put in an Age Of Empires wallpaper? (preferably AOE 2 or 3)

02/20/2010 22:35

Hey you're really good, i was just wondering if you could please do cookie monster, chris brown and taylor lautner ons please? i know its alot to ask but your really good!

02/24/2010 16:07

Mass Effect 2 would be great, having some character ones also would be nice. masseffect.bioware.com has galleries and wallpapers

03/24/2010 10:46

Hey Could you do a Glasgow Rangers wallpaper :D

04/06/2010 07:08

Anything Thundercats-related or Chelsea FC would be amazing!!!

04/15/2010 04:44

im looking for a saints row theme

04/21/2010 11:44

House of 1000 corpses, friday the 13th, and nightmare on elm street would be great.

04/24/2010 11:06

Hey, I'm looking for an Arsenal wallpaper or perhaps an even Halo: Reach theme? Maybe even some space or more pattern/abstract themes would be great! Thank you soo much :D!

05/03/2010 00:04

Hey, im lookin for some nice FC Barcelona wallpaper :) Thx a lot if u can make it!

05/09/2010 08:54

any chance you can make some forza motorsport 3 wallpaers??

05/14/2010 15:12


05/15/2010 12:44

Hey I like your work and I think that it's pretty amazing. But I was wondering if you can make some Megan fox and keeley hazell wallpaper for xbox 360. Perhaps evem some ac milan soccer wallpaper. Thanks alot if you can make some.

05/26/2010 22:35

Hello i just saw this section and i would really apreciate you could make the picture in the website i wrote above to fit on my xbox 360 it is widescreen and it will be great if you could take out the black sections of the picture, thanks a lot . cya

05/26/2010 22:35


06/01/2010 20:09

Hey, I really like your site man! Now to the meat of the matter -- THEMES!!! I would thoroughly enjoy some stuff from "Red Dead Redemption", "S.C. Conviction", and some more "CoD Zombies". Do em' all or take your pick of them, I don't care.

06/03/2010 22:21

Gemma Arterton please :3

06/04/2010 13:45


06/05/2010 16:02

My request would be for

Red Dead Redemption wallpaper
Final Fantasy X wallpaper

Thanks :)

06/06/2010 12:57

From this picture: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3200/3059531791_058dbe6cdd_o.jpg

It's one of my favorite Pics, so i hope you can make something that looks very cool.

07/10/2010 06:45

hello, I'm looking for a background in this resolution: 1920x1080. background is that I am looking for my site: www.xboxmmunity.com please contact me on xbox live gamertag to the following: iAngelo94 sorry for my bad English but I'm Italian

07/10/2010 06:46

background that I'm looking for is the orange default xbox live, can not find it in 1920x1080 resolution

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