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Deadly Moves
02/16/2009 4:26pm

Nice job with the site.. i like they way its layed out

02/19/2009 9:12am

love the site good idea thanks Deadly Moves for the pics :D

Darth Heyburt
02/19/2009 2:29pm

This sex is on fire.

02/19/2009 9:37pm

Great site! Thanks for including the tutorial - can't wait to try this out.

Tommy 40 Hands
02/20/2009 1:59pm

Great site man, love the wallpapers.

02/23/2009 1:05pm

Brillant idea, as a website..Thanks for the F.E.A.R/F.E.A.R 2 ones =D

02/24/2009 3:13am

Nice website keep up the good work

03/03/2009 2:15am

You have a great site here, and hope you don't mind but I have linked you from the mygamercard web site. : )

03/03/2009 2:17pm

Great site going, ill try and make some decent ones for you and ill post them on the x360a forums or do you want them some where else?

03/05/2009 5:54am

Great work on the site and the wall papers.

My site is already listed in the page but if you want affiliate links on our main site pages contact me.

03/05/2009 8:54am

Great site Mr! xxx

03/05/2009 9:39am

Nice site you've got here mate, I'll keep uploading whenever I can :D

Schumi 01
03/11/2009 9:05am

Great Wallpapers there, nice work. Thanks.

03/11/2009 11:17am

Awesome site. A lot of great selections to choose. Keep up the good work, everyone!

03/13/2009 7:39am

the rock band 2 one is too big.

03/21/2009 2:55pm

Loving the new wallpapers, my 360 as never looked so good (or my PC desktop!) Big thanks.

03/21/2009 4:24pm

Some good wallpapers/themes
you got there, i got a question to you.

When using example the originale
dark nxe theme, the half moon on the screen changes
to black/dark grey, but when i change a background picture, the theme sets to default with the standard blue/grey half moon on the bottom.

Is there any tricks to keep the dark half moon after changing a background picture?

I hope i didnt make that question to complicated :)Lumabizz

Shin Kakozan
03/21/2009 7:56pm

Good wallpaper site. But there is one issue I need to address.

As good as the wallpapers are on the site, most of them take up the whole screen, and the bottom isn't shown. You should remember that on the NXE, the wallpapers are cut off down the middle, so the bottom of the screen is blocked. Keep that in mind when you produce future wallpapers. Thank you.

03/23/2009 7:31am

@ Lumabizz
This question is already answered in the FAQs section of this site. Unfortunately, you can't change the colour of it atm. Hopefully in a future update, eh?

@ Shin
I think you missed that that's the whole point of this site! If you read the homepage (section titled "Why?"), you'll see that this is all explained. Most of the images you'll find here have been edited or cropped in such a way that it leaves the wallpaper with a distinct upper focal point. Most of them have also been tested by myself on my own XBox before uploading, so I know they work with the NXE. So there is no 'issue' to be addressed here! :)

04/06/2009 11:13am

Intrested in halo 3/wars? i made a web,

great site

04/22/2009 10:33am

Thanks for posting a wolves NXE its awesome

Ryot Control
05/02/2009 7:58am

I thought I left a post on your guest book last time I was here but I guess not. Cool site man, I like the idea alot. Maybe I can commission you sometime for a personal background.

05/14/2009 9:25am

Is your submit page working? I sent you a bunch of new wallpapers and a message...and it doesnt seem liek u got them :/

05/27/2009 6:44am

I've taken a few Themes over the last few months, its only right to pass through & say 10/10 for an excellent site, idea & line-up to choose from...
& Free!?! What more do you want?!...

06/05/2009 6:16am

Nice Job! - I love the Wallpapers

Vincent Vermont
06/20/2009 12:50pm

Amazing wallpapers 10/10, you guys inspired me to make some of my owns, hope to contribute soon.

Keep up art the good work.

06/23/2009 2:43am

Just found this site its excellent!!!! tha dead space pics are going straight on my dash top marks! i'd like to request some "Ghostbusters" pics please! i think they'll look pretty cool & go well with my new game. keep up the goood work!!!

07/11/2009 8:46pm

Great site idea, shame the wallpapers, for the most part, really suck when it comes to the NXE layout. Most of the wallpapers on the site are either too small (they should all be 1920x1050 for those of us with high end TVs, they'll scale for everyone else), or have most of their actual content covered by the 'globe' that takes up a good chunk of the NXE layout.

Anyway, again, good job, I'll keep a tab on the site to see if the content improves.

07/12/2009 3:42am

Kensington, have you really looked at most of the wallpapers on the site? As the majority ARE designed specifically for the NXE layout. Have you even tried them on your XBox? I'm guessing you can't have if you're saying they don't work. I try almost all the submissions on my own XBox and wouldn't put them up on the site if they didn't look decent.

Also, the papers are widely recognised as best at 1920 X 1080 NOT 1920 X 1050, which most of the wallpapers on the site ARE - another sign that you must've only looked at a couple of them. The few that aren't will still look good scaled up - again the chances are I've tried them on my own 360 first! :)

07/26/2009 8:15am

Great job with the site! I can't wait to try this for myself, I just gotta find a cheap USB drive now.

08/06/2009 11:00am

Keep up the good work finally i have somewhere to choose backgrounds other then google :p

09/12/2009 1:39pm

brilliant site. :D

My main computer monitor is 1920x1080 (also use it as my xbox display) and i always struggle finding decent wallpapers for it... This site is brilliant, thank you! :D (anime and manga wallpapers usually only go up to 1024x800)

09/16/2009 6:14am

How about getting the images as PNGs
PNGs are lossless compression, as opposed to lossy JPGs

09/18/2009 7:48am

You're right about PNGs being superior to JPGs - however, the XBox 360 cannot read them! This is why all images on the site are JPGs. To be fair, there's not that much loss so long as you save them with the smallest amount of compression possible. :)

@everyone else
Thanks for the comments!

10/20/2009 11:25am

wrong stretch on 1280*1024 ;(

10/21/2009 2:17am

Taker, I'm not sure what you mean. None of the pics on this site are 1280 by 1024px AFAIK.

For it to display correctly, the image has to be a division of 1920 by 1080, so a 1280px wide image would need to be 720px high to work - not 1024px high! :)

10/21/2009 4:00am

I meant that, in applying wallpaper size 1920*1080, on the screen can not see the edges of picture. :(

I resized PSD_template to 1280*720, put the picture 1280*960 in center and pressed it vertically because it is not fit - on xbox all looks good:)

Thanks for template and help and sorry for my promt-english. ;)

10/22/2009 4:58am

just wanna say thank you for this site. i have been looking for nxe compatible wallpapers for some time. kudos!

11/05/2009 2:06am

hello ...wanna say thank you for the work. i have been looking for nxe wallpapers for some time thanx alot

12/08/2009 9:17am

thank you unblocked site.

12/13/2009 7:35am

Cool!thank you

12/14/2009 2:02pm

love the patterns wallpapers esp the colorful/rainbow ones. pls make more! =D

12/18/2009 7:58am

Thank for so much for this site, Waggly. It's amazing. ;)

Kings 0f Chaos
01/03/2010 9:19am

Love the work you are doing,keep it up and I will be sure to spread the word.

02/23/2010 12:09pm

Not a bad site. Can't click on the Braid or Castle Crashers walls though, and I can't register for the site. There's no captcha, but it tells me I got the confirmation code wrong. Figured I'd let you know.

Philson Choi
06/08/2010 6:56am

dude, are you guys dead?, this is a great site, dont let me down :(

06/18/2010 5:40am

We aren't dead. It's really slowed down due to a lack of input and submissions from contributors recently. Page views for the site are still quite high, but people are mostly downloading their wallpapers and leaving by the looks. No thanks, no "nice wallpaper", nothing. It's difficult to be enthused to update the site when most people just take everything and give nothing back.

I've just uploaded some new ones, and still have some more to put up, including some of the recent requests - they are coming, and the site will be updated, but propbably slowly. I have some new ones to test too, but my Xbox is out of service currently. Hopefully it'll be ready for testing within the next few days.

Remember you can also leave comments on all of the wallpapers by going to nxewallpapers.co.uk! :)

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